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Rachael and Guy's Celebrity Cook-Off: Recap

Food truck races.

This week on Rachael and Guy’s Celebrity Cook-off, the celebrity contestants are required to man the most venerable of New York institutions, the food truck. Taylor Dayne still proclaims that she doesn’t know the first thing about cooking, Coolio makes a weird-sounding egg roll with cheddar cheese, and LDP is incredibly sincere in talking about preparing meals for his roommates in college. Who assembled this motley crew?

Rachael and Guy tell their teams that they need to cook something on a stick, something on a bun and something in a wrap for this week's challenge. Guy’s team is down to two, Coolio and Joey Fatone, versus Rachael’s team of three, Taylor, Summer and LDP. That puts Guy’s team at a disadvantage in making the hundred portions required for each dish, and they have ninety minutes to serve. The bottom two dishes will be determined by diners’ comment cards.

On Guy’s team, Coolio decides to make an egg roll that he dubs a “soul roll” with coleslaw, cheddar and pork with a pineapple and peach dipping sauces. Joey decides on a “Might Meatball Slider,” which is what it sounds like and a bacon-wrapped shrimp on a stick with barbeque sauce. They are a much more entertaining team, banding their utensils on the tray and rapping as they cooked.

On Rachael’s team, Summer makes a sweet sausage wrap with a garlic and tomato paste sauce. Eaters didn’t love it. LDP makes a successfully-conceived homemade bourbon barbeque sauce on a wild turkey slider and relish. Taylor says she’s never barbequed before, but makes salty teriyaki beef skewers that are often raw. I don’t understand if she thinks her lack of professed cooking skills is a strategy or just a way to save face, but Taylor Dayne seems completely out of her element on this show.

In the end, Guy’s team is safe. On the losing team, LDP’s dish was the favorite, leaving Taylor Dayne and Summer to duke it out on the elimination challenge, which is to cook an amuse bouche. Taylor feigns ignorance—this woman is a rich and “famous” singer, but she’s never eaten in a restaurant that offers one or watched a cooking show before? Give me a break.

Summer makes a mascarpone, honey and balsamic fig tartlet with apricot slices, while Taylor creates a truffle oil, fig and prosciutto-topped bread. Guy and Rachael prefer Taylor’s dish. Per usual, Taylor seems very surprised that she’s managed to turn on the oven, let alone win the challenge.