Worst Cooks in America: "Luck of the Irish"

Worst Cooks in America: "Luck of the Irish"

This week on Worst Cooks in America, the contestants have to recreate some pretty complicated dishes cooked by Bobby and Anne with only their sight, smell and taste. These chefs, who couldn’t cook macaroni and cheese to save their lives four weeks ago, now have developed palates that can recognize apple cider vinegar and broccoli rabe. Amazing—or impossible?


Anne has her chefs recreate a stuffed pork chop with sides of mashed potato and carrot and broccoli rabe with an apple cider vinegar. Bobby makes a pork tenderloin with a sauce of papaya and honey. The chefs leave the contestants alone in the kitchen to figure out how to cook their own versions, but secretly watch the action from a hidden camera TV in another room. Both the teams recreate their chef’s dish fairly well, and both Bobby and Anne are pleased with the results.


Next, the contestants receive their elimination challenge. They are to make a total of 70 appetizers for guests at a St. Patrick’s Day party in New York City. Anne and Bobby demonstrate how to make stuffed potato skins, but tell the contestants that they need to stuff 35 skins with a filling of their own choosing. Next, each contestant is given a recipe card for his or her own Irish-inspired dish, and are assigned to create 35-pieces of  this appetizer, as well.  


On the red team, Dorothy is the winner with her , while David wins fan favorite recognition for his appetizers. Both are safe. On the blue team, Melissa wins both Bobby’s choice for best dish and fan favorite for her potato skin and lamb kebabs served with a mustard sauce.


On the bottom two on the red team are Anthony and Kelli. Anthony couldn’t finish either his stuffed potato skins, or his boxty topped with beef and an aioli sauce, while Kelli didn’t cook her potato skins properly. Anthony committed the more heinous sin in not finishing the required number of appetizers, so he is sent home.


Bobby was unhappy with the remaining three members of his team, so he puts all three in the bottom. Tiffany doesn’t cook her potato skins properly, Vinnie didn’t make a bold enough filling for his potato skin offering, and Benjamin couldn’t finish anything but his kale chips for his appetizer. Before Bobby can make his choice, Benjamin announces that he feels that he should be sent home because his head is no longer in the game.


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