Worst Cooks in America: "Late Night/Date Night"

Worst Cooks in America: "Late Night/Date Night"

The chefs learn to cook nachos and squab.

The poor contestants are woken up in the middle of the night, and told they have to make their way to a diner. Certainly, they can guess what’s coming next.

And they’re right. Anne and Bobby tell the hapless contestants that they’ll now learn how to cook comfort foods for their families, things that they would usually find only in a diner. Who wants to learn to cook things like greasy spoon hamburgers and cherry pies at home?

I don’t know if I’d like to go to a diner with Bobby Flay—his high-class nachos topped with pulled pork, a corn and avocado salsa and topped with a red onion looks very delicious, but way to highfalutin for a real, homespun diners. His team is told to make their own creative takes on nachos. Meanwhile, Anne makes French fries topped with a cheese-and-bacon sauce.

On the blue team, Benjamin wins the nacho challenge with a plate of spicy nachos. Dorothy, on the red team, wins with a plate of chorizo cheese fries with guacamole. On the lower end are Tiffany, who made dessert nachos with berries and mozzarella, and Bennett, whose play on a pot pie over his fries falls flat.

For their elimination challenge, Chef Anne teaches them how to make pollo al mattone, or chicken cooked under a brick. Chef Bobby assigns his team the challenge of cooking squab—and butterflying the birds themselves. Both teams have to pair a side dish with their main dish.

On the red team, David ends up with the win, even though he dropped one of the drumsticks from his bird on the ground. Anne still thought that his chicken tasted the best of any team member’s. Even though Bobby wasn’t a fan of his salad side dish, Vinnie still takes home the win on Bobby’s team for his well-executed squab.

Bennett from the red team is sent packing because of his extremely-overcooked chicken. On the blue team, Sarina is eliminated because she doesn’t seem to be improving as quickly as the other contestants are. Too bad there’s no one who’s too entertaining left on this show; truly, we don’t want to see them cooking well. There’s plenty of that on real cooking shows.