Worst Cooks in America: "Flavor Combos"

Worst Cooks in America: "Flavor Combos"

Making pizza.

This week on an episode called “Flavor Combos,” some contestants without any sort of conception of flavor are expected to make pizzas with their own flavor toppings. They are to “be creative” with minds that concocted indedibles such as vanilla fried chicken. Godspeed, chefs.

Anne and Bobby teach the contestants quickly how to make pizza dough. The problem, of course, is that neither one seems to want to lower him or herself to the level of having to teach inept chefs about making pizza dough. Because of this, all of the chefs seem incredibly lost.

The contestants sort of succeed on dough, but I think the judges have forgotten that they still have given their contestants any flavor conceptions. Erica from Long Island decides to make a pizza with capers, crème fraiche, spinach and lox. Vinnie also adds cream cheese to his pizza, to represent Philly. Sarina makes a salami, kale and Monterrey Jack cheese pie.

Anne and Bobby judge this round blind. The head of the team with the winning pizza will get to swap out a weak member of his or her team for a stronger member of the other team. Cruel.

The very worst pizza—topped with pecans, apples, bacon and lettuce, and once dropped on the floor—belongs to David. The top two contestants were Kelly, who made a pizza with zucchini, eggplant, red onion and clams, and Tiffany, who made a pie with a spinach artichoke sauce, chicken and goat cheese.

Tiffany, on Bobby’s blue team is the winner. He steals Melissa from the red team, and gives Anne David. He says that his ego is bruised, but that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The elimination challenge requires the chefs to combine two extreme flavors to create one tasty dish. Some of the flavor combinations didn’t work—like pineapple and horseradish, for example—but others, like chili and lemon, worked very well. Bennett, who had never done well before, took it home for the red team, while Benjamin won for the blue team with a chili flaked-steak.

The bottom two on the red team are Bob and Dorothy. Dorothy added vanilla to her chicken—after Anne told her not to—and Bob made a much too spicy sauce. Bob is kicked off for not tasting his food. On the blue team, Sarina and Erica are in the bottom two. Sarina made a tasteless orange and soy-glazed steak, while Erica set her steak on fire. Erica, who was one of the funniest contestants to watch, is sent home.