Worst Cooks in America

Worst Cooks in America

Improve your self-conception by comparison.

I’m excited for the third season of Worst Cooks in America to return next Sunday, February 12 on the Food Network. As you can probably tell from the show’s title, the show doesn’t feature much fancy cooking; instead, its contestants need help boiling water.

The show includes two teams of eight terrible cooks apiece. These “chefs” have been nominated for the show by family and friends because of their subpar cooking skills—but most of the time, the chefs don’t know that. At the start of each season, the contestants have to impress the judges with their signature dishes, a hilariously-pretentious title for something so obviously disgusting. One cook will be eliminated right off the bat, and each week, one contestant will be sent home because his or her dish is the worst of the worst.

The teams are headed by some seriously-talented chefs: Anne Burrell, whose teams won the first two seasons of the show, and Bobby Flay, who will compete against Burrell for the first time this season. These two coaches help create newly-skillful chefs out of their cooking duds. The winner of the show will receive $25,000, and, hopefully, some improved culinary skills.

Anne’s team has some interesting members. Texan contestant Dorothy Strouhal put her husband in the hospital with food poisoning by serving him her vanilla chicken. Floridian Melissa Rhodes used to be anorexic, and wants to be a part of the show to regain her healthy relationship with food. New Yorker Rachel Margolin just lost a lot of weight, and needs to learn how to cook healthier food to maintain her figure.

Bobby’s team also has some interesting members. Texan David Shelton’s wife has become a vegan because she hates his cooking so much, and the couple can’t even share a meal together. New Yorker Erica Weidner uses “cooking tools” like razorblades and pliers (ew!) to create her food. Her family is, obviously, frightened. New Yorker Sherrill Moss-Solomon thinks her food is so good that she deserves her own cooking show—but her husband nominated her for this one.

The commercial for the new season already is hilarious. On their first cook-off, contestants boil liquids over the tops of pots, start meats on fire and burn themselves on hot pans. If you’re tired of feeling inadequate in your cooking after watching Food Network, this is the show for you.

Will you watch the third season of Worst Cooks in America this Sunday?