Top Chef Texas: the final four

Top Chef Texas: the final four

...or five.

This week on Top Chef, the final four again becomes the final five. If you missed out on the secretive, online competition Last Chance Kitchen, eliminated Top Chef contestants got to compete with each other to secure a place back in the finals. Belittled Beverly beat a number of eliminated chefs to return to the final five and cook again for the title.

As was to be expected, no one was all too happy. They shouldn’t be. The original final four will not be given a secret competition in order to come back to the show—instead they will only be able to be eliminated once, in contrast to Bev’s second chance. I would be angry too. Plus, Bev was already universally disliked by these chefs.

The Quickfire Challenge is sort of pointless this week. The chefs are sent back into the pantry to collect the ingredients for their dishes. Obviously, they come up with some interesting items, but their culinary skills aren’t based on their ability to grope around in the dark. In the end, Sarah wins the challenge and has the choice either to take a Prius V or guarantee herself a spot in the final four without participating in the elimination challenge. She chooses the latter.

For the elimination challenge, each cheftestant needs to cook a dish that will impress his or her mentor. The mentors are flown in, and all of the contestants—save Edward—start crying. They all seem very sweet, especially Paul, who really can’t hold it together, and neither can his mentor. With Grayson gone, I’d like to see him take the whole thing.

All of the dishes are well received. Particularly impressive was Paul’s sunchoke and dashi soup with summer vegetables which showed admirable restraint. Also delicious was Beverly’s gulf shrimp and barbeque pork and Singapore noodles. These two contestants are secured spots in the final four with Paul taking home the car, as well.

Ed and Lindsey are on the bottom for their dishes. Lindsey makes a seafood stew over toasted couscous and broth with emulsified cream, but the cream is deemed excessive by the judges. Ed makes a braised pork belly and smoked oyster crema with pickled vegetables, but Tom doesn’t like the oyster sauce at all. In the end, Edward is sent home.

Will you watch the finale of Top Chef? Who would you like to see win it all?