Food news

Food news

Here’s the latest about American food.

Though many of us love our lunch and love to read about (and look at photos of) food even more sometimes, this week’s food news might be bittersweet to lots of people. If you want the good news first, read on; if you want the bad news first, scroll to the bottom and read your way up (But not completely backwards, because then it would all be gibberish, and then you’d think the bad news was that you forgot how to read, and I assure that isn’t the case. Probably.).

Three Second Rule is A-OK…Maybe

Recently I taught my six-year-old the three-second rule, which is the simple rule we all had as kids that if your food fell into the floor, you had three seconds to inhale it before it was “bad.” This seems rather arbitrary and stupid (even to my six-year-old) but according to scientists, it may be true! Depending upon the salt content of food, some foods may be safer than others—but it looks like most foods surveyed were okay before the three second mark. After three seconds, however, the deadly bacteria starts to affect the food. Given that I don’t have very quick reflexes, I think I’ll stick to composting anything dropped from my counter…

Kids to Have Healthier Lunches This Fall

See, I told you I promised some good news! The latest cafeteria guidelines are being implemented this school year, providing students with more fruits, veggies, and whole grains. They’ll also have less salt and calories in their food options.No Need for Greed or Hunger…

John Lennon’s lyrics are not empty; there really is no need for anyone in this country to go hungry or to go homeless. Have you heard that for every homeless person in America, there are 24 abandoned homes? This is so distressing, and proves that we are a capitalist country bent on profits and business over people. How easy it would be to simply provide each homeless person with a place to stay, get cleaned up at, and work from?

No Squirrel for You!

My dad used to hunt and cook squirrels (as does Katniss, of course), so this news is distressing to me: eating squirrels can apparently cause dementia, as an outbreak of Mad Cow Disease due to eating squirrel brain has occurred in the state of Kentucky. Officials attribute this to more people eating wild animals in times of economic crisis.